Mediterranean Bowtie Pasta Salad

MEDITERRANEAN PASTA SALAD with bowtie pasta, red onion, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, chick peas and feta cheese in a lemony vinaigrette #pastasalad #summer #sidedish #healthysidedish #happilyunprocessed

Bright, colorful and healthy veggies are tossed with Farfalle pasta and a lemony vinaigrette for a Mediterranean Pasta Salad that can be served alongside burgers at your next BBQ or a light lunch.No one really needs a specific reason, season, time of year, or party to make a pasta salad.  … [Continue reading]

Creamy Cheddar & Broccoli Orzo

Creamy Cheddar & Broccoli Orzo - little orzo pasta is cooked in broth and married with a creamy cheesy sauce with little bits of broccoli #orzo #sidedish #healthy

Little orzo pasta is cooked in broth until tender and then married with a creamy cheesy sauce with tiny bits of broccoli for a healthy and super fast side dish. This cheesy broccoli orzo recipe would be our 3rd orzo recipe on this site.  I have more, seriously.  One that has sundried tomatoes in … [Continue reading]

Perfectly Roasted Steak Fries

perfectly seasoned and roasted potatoes on a baking sheet

Perfectly seasoned and roasted Yukon potatoes make the best thick and crispy steak fries.  They are an easy side dish for most any entrée - serve with … [Continue reading]

Creamy Potato Soup (without bacon)

CREAMY POTATO SOUP - diced potates, onions, garlic, chicken broth, cream is all it takes to make an amazing potato soup #potatosoup #happilyunprocessed #soup

Potatoes are simmered in chicken broth until tender and then added to a creamy broth with onions, garlic and cream and cream cheese, then pureed to … [Continue reading]

Ham Tetrazzini (no canned soups)

A weeknight dinner where the sauce is ready before the spaghetti is … spaghetti is cooked until al dente and then coated in a luscious creamy cheese … [Continue reading]

Baked Wings w an Epic Dry Rub and Sweet & Spicy Sauce

chicken wings baked with an epic dry rub and slathered with sweet & spicy homemade sauce #wings #football #happilyunprocessed

Crispy wings that start with an epic dry rub, are baked NOT fried and end up slathered in a sweet and spicy hot sauce that is killer!I'm … [Continue reading]

Lemon Garlic Kale Salad with Pistachios, Pine Nuts and Cranberries

An easy lemony garlic kale salad with pistachios, pine nuts, dried cranberries topped with shaved parmesan cheese #newyearsresolution #kale #salad #healthy #happilyunprocessed

If you have tried endless kale salads to hop on the healthy ban wagon only to be sadly disappointed like me then you haven't tried this one.   Fresh … [Continue reading]

Fresh Jumbo Lump Maryland Crabcakes

jumbo lump crab cake with Chesapeake crab and no fillers

Beautiful fresh Chesapeake crab meat, just enough binders to hold it together and a hint of Old Bay is all it takes to make these glorious crab … [Continue reading]

Five Star New England Clam Chowder

Five Star New England Clam Chowder - the way it's supposed to be made #clamchowder #clam #newengland #sop #healthy #happilyunprocessed

This not-too-thick, not-too-thin, creamy, New England Clam Chowder is full of chopped clams, potatoes, a hint of thyme, broth and cream ... and will … [Continue reading]

Chicken Tortilla Soup with Rice

CHICKEN TORTILLA SOUP WITH RICE - perfect blend of Mexican spices, shredded chicken, corn, beans and rice for a filling bowl of soup #soup #chickentortilla #healthy #happilyunprocessed

All the flavors you love in Mexican food in a hearty, filling soup made with seasoned shredded chicken, bold spices, corn, beans and rice.  Top it … [Continue reading]

Thanksgiving Sausage, Cranberry & Apple Stuffing

sausage apple cranberry stuffing

2 types of hearty bread, browned sausage, onions and celery meet up with bite sized apples, dried cranberries and spices.  Baked or stuffed, this … [Continue reading]

Turkey Tetrazzini with Egg Noodles & Broccoli

TURKEY TETRAZZINI - leftover turkey is transformed in this hearty comforting homemade casserole #turkey #thanksgiving #casserole #happilyunprocessed

Need a comforting, creamy and baked reason to hoard some of that leftover Turkey this Thanksgiving?  One that doesn't use canned soups?  Instead uses … [Continue reading]