10 Banned Foods that Every American Should Stop Eating

Before we underwent the 10 Week Challenge to rid our house (and diets) of processed foods, (I am being totally honest in saying), I only read the nutritional content on the label IF I read the label at all.  And I read whatever was fashionable at the time.  First it was just calories, then we all started focusing on fat or carbs, etc.

But I NEVER read the ingredients portion of the label and since I’ve dedicated myself to researching what is in our food full time my eyes are now WIDE OPEN.

Understanding the definitions of the words on the ingredients label is CRUCIAL to understanding what you are feeding your family.  These additives and antibiotics and preservatives are SO toxic that other countries have BANNED foods using them.

But despite other countries banning these products, the United States still continues to make them, sell them and profit from them.

10 Banned Foods to Avoid

Are you eating food that’s already banned in other countries but is still allowed to be sold in the United States? Learn these pernicious ingredients and common foods through this infographic.

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  1. Mindy Parker says:

    If you’re really serious about your family’s health you should eat an all organic vegetarian diet high in whole grains. Even reducing your meat intake to 3 oz. a day would make a huge difference. It takes 2500 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of ground beef. Obviously reducing your consumption would benefit the environment as well. Could you tell me specifically where you got your information regarding the use of brominated vegetable oil causing schizophrenia? I wasn’t able to find any information regarding and I am very interested because my sister has schizophrenia. I did see that Pepsi removed this additive from Gatorade in 2013.
    Looking forward to your response.

  2. I am just now becoming aware of the many harmful effects on the human body and is 100Percent willing and ready to change my way of eating. I am so upset with the lack of concern for the U.S.citizens from our government in regards to the life and health of the American people. All that is important in our so called greatest country of the world is mo. I wm and will not eat meat nor any process food. Although I’m trying to educate myself more on how to eat healthier i now purchase organic food. Fruit, vegetables and drink water also being mindful of the water as well. I’m finding it a little difficult to make a complete or variety meal could you provide me with some healthy recipe so i can have more of a variety of a daily meal. Even a recipe book would be totally beneficial to me. I would greatly appreciate it. I love eating healthier and exercising . Not only do i feel great i can see a better me . Thank you

  3. It’s really shameful snd you try to consider all of these things when you are feeding your family, but honestly if I removed everything on this list from my house, that would leave them on a vegetarian diet and thats not going to go over well at all. Really wish I had more options for organic meats and such where I am located.

    • I don’t know where you live Kristy but I’m seeing more and more organic meats popping up everywhere. Even Costco sells organic chicken now. I only buy ‘supermarket’ meats when I’m in a pinch. I like going to my local butcher as my 1st choice b/c I’m able to talk with him and learn where the meat is coming from 1st hand. But hopefully with each day/month/year that passes organic foods are becoming more readily available and affordable.

      Come check in with us for ideas or recipes to help get you through. I’ve dedicated my life to coming up with recipes for snacks and desserts and dinners that don’t contain any BHA, BHT, rBGH, preservatives, etc. I hope you can find a few you and your family will enjoy. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Erika McWhirter says:

    This is awful! If a side effect is sterility in future generations, that is worthy of uproar!

    This is really scary and frustrating. Transparency in food is needed.

    Past that how do I possibly protect myself OR my family now?

    • That’s a good question Erika! We start with our dollars. Food companies have altered their foods in other countries with real flavorings, real natural ingredients and they can do it here too! Stop buying these products and companies will no longer see a profit.

      Visit your butcher, find out where he gets his meat from.
      The same goes with your seafood monger and baker. Talk with them.
      Spend a few extra minutes at the food store reading labels instead of buying what is on sale.
      Look for products with 5 ingredients or less.
      And most importantly, cook at home with fresh in season ingredients that have haven’t travelled 1500 miles to get on your plate.

      Thanks for taking the time to visit our site Erika!

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