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Dining out at Applebees … what you need to know!

Hi everyone! I wanted to take the time to put together a post that I hope will open some eyes today.   We all eat out now and then.  It’s one of life’s little pleasures, especially for working moms and dads.  It gives us a break, we don’t have to cook and clean and it […]

5 Hard Lessons I Learned While Photographing Food

Let me start this by saying I do NOT consider myself a great, good, or even mediocre photographer of food.  I still, even 4 years later, consider myself lucky when I get a shot that’s not blurry, over exposed, boring, and the food actually looks appealing.  On the days that I actually get a shot […]

Carrot Cake Muffins

Yum The taste of traditional carrot cake in a muffin!  Brilliant if you ask me because carrot cakes can be a whole lot of work. These carrot cake muffins have been healthified by reducing the sugar and flour and increasing the carrots and raisins. You can make them in a variety of ways, depending on what […]

5 Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

We are on Week 3 of our gluten free experiment for our daughter.  She (fortunately AND unfortunately) is doing MUCH better. As most of you know, my life’s purpose is to feed my family whole, real foods that nature intended as much as possible.  I spend over 10 hours a day between working on this […]

Blueberry Muffins

Yum Who says blueberry muffins have to be on the naughty list?  Not me! These muffins are bursting with fresh blueberries, not those little round pea like things you have to rinse in the tin can.  My blueberries have been huge this summer too, like nickel size huge!   And they were sooooo good in my […]


Welcome to Week 2! I hope you were able to incorporate lots of fruits and veggies into your week last week.  Each weeks challenge is separate from the last.  If you choose to continue eating 2 fruits and veggies with each meal that’s terrific!  Even we have a hard time maintaining that expectation! The challenge […]


Congratulations!  You are embarking on the first of 10 challenges to help unprocess you and your family.  I know this can seem overwhelming.  Where do you start?  How will you get your whole family to cooperate?  What if the kids don’t like what you make?  We’ve been there.  Some days we’re still there. So we […]