Breyers kicks the hormones to the Curb!


This may be old news for some of you (Feb) but I still wanted to spread the word because it’s another small step towards transparency in our food system.

Breyer’s has announced it stopped using milk and cream from cows treated with artificial growth hormones, becoming the latest big brand to shift toward more natural ingredients.

I don’t know about you, but I just saw a commercial from Breyers and it made me laugh when they said they use vanilla from REAL sources.

For those who may be wondering what that pun entails, 95% of vanilla flavored products in the supermarket are flavored from what is called castoreum, which is a gland next to a beaver’s anus.

Wild Beaver

This is no joke!  I would love to meet the 1st person who decided to give this new idea a go, wouldn’t you?

So the good news is Breyer’s is not only using milk with growth hormones, they are using REAL vanilla from a REAL vanilla bean!!!!

Just fyi … Ben & Jerry’s also has hormone free ice cream and has since the 1980s as well as Haagen Dazs.

Several yogurt brands, including Chobani and Dannon, are also hormone-free, and anything in the organic aisle of the grocery store also was produced without rBST.

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