Butter & Honey Glazed Carrots

Oh me ~ Oh my!!  These carrots simply put are … wonderful! They take practically no time or effort to make, yet are the perfect side dish for your everyday meals or elegant enough for company.  They even deserve a spot on the table at your next Thanksgiving dinner. I’m not joking when I say I make an […]

Mocha Coffee Frappe

One  the best tricks I’ve learned so far (while adopting our new real foods lifestyle) is freezing bananas. I NEVER throw away bananas anymore … as a matter of fact when I don’t have any frozen bananas on hand I buy the old ones at the supermarket that are already turning brown and chop them […]

Blackened Chicken

 Yum Blackened chicken is NOT the result of burning your chicken … or cooking it too long…. or from it sticking to the pan. The ‘blackened’ part of the chicken is the result of a medley of spices, usually Cajun, that when put to high heat, gives the chicken an outer char. A nice blend of paprika […]

Easy Basil Pesto

Yum To say I have an abundance of fresh basil in my garden would be an understatement, so I decided to do something with it before I lost it all to the frost coming soon. Making your own fresh basil pesto takes all of about 1 1/2 minutes. Seriously, there is nothing quite like the […]

Tomato Zucchini Gratin Bake

How pretty is this? I have an ABUNDANCE of zucchini and tomatoes in my kitchen right now so I decided to make a colorful zucchini and tomato gratin with them.  Only I couldn’t stop at just tomatoes and zucchini.  There are sliced potatoes and eggplant in there too!  And topped with a little cheese of course. […]

Crispy Rice Treats (Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Marshmallow Free)

Yum Oh my … that’s a long title, now isn’t it?  But I wanted you to get the idea.  These aren’t your normal, marshmallow filled rice crispy treats.  They are a twist on the traditional version, and a little healthier too. We are a (partially) gluten free house and I’m always trying to find gluten free healthy food for […]

Southwestern Black Beans and Rice

If you are looking to cut back on the amount of red meat you and your family are eating, but still get the protein that our bodies need, then beans may be the answer. Did you know that beans are so nutritious for us that the latest dietary guidelines are suggesting we TRIPLE our intake from […]

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

I’ve seen recipes for flourless peanut butter cookies on the internet for a while now, and it’s exactly the same wherever you go, so it’s real hard to pinpoint who the credit goes to exactly. But basically it’s a flourless peanut butter cookie.  With just 5 or less ingredients it’s hard not to like these cookies […]

Balsamic Grilled Vegetables

Yum Vegetables are born for fire! I’m not dogging on raw vegetables, they have their purpose and place in our lives as well.   Like raw carrots with Homemade Ranch Dressing.   They go together like peas and carrots. But what I’m talking about are grilled-over open flame-charred-with those perfect little grill mark-vegetables. Are you with me […]

Maple & Brown Sugar Glazed Salmon

4 simple ingredients is all it takes to make this restaurant quality glazed salmon – PERFECT for a weeknight dinner! Salmon has to be one of the healthiest foods we can eat.  I know personally we don’t eat nearly enough of it. Part of the reason is that it’s hard to find Wild salmon in […]

Skillet Roasted Rosemary Red Potatoes

These little red potatoes are crispy on the outside and butter tender on the inside just like the potatoes everyone loves at weddings.  Made in one skillet and roasted with a little olive oil and rosemenary. Potatoes are the most versatile food I can think of.  I could eat potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  And […]

Super Steel Cut Oatmeal

Yum I was introduced to steel cut oats by my Dad.  He had a heart attack (one of many) when I was 18 and he was a very young 42.  It was a day that has been burned into my memory forever, as I was home alone with him when it happened. How does someone (younger […]