Carrot Cake Quickbread with Almonds

This delicious quick bread has all the flavors of a moist carrot cake that’s been baked in a loaf pan. Tons of shredded carrots, cinnamon, nutmeg and almonds. I love carrot cake.  Like it is probably my #1 favorite cake.  Only I can’t eat it for breakfast. Well I CAN. But I wanted to take […]

Seasoned Breadcrumbs

Yum I love using left over bread from the bakery to make my breadcrumbs.  I always seem to have a few slices left at the end of the week and I’ve have noticed a big difference when I use homemade breadcrumbs in my recipes vs store bought. They seem much fresher and lighter.  They’re wonderful on […]

Everything Bread

Yum I have never even thought of making my own bread. Machines……… yeast………… rising. It all seemed way too time consuming and complex until I learned you don’t need a machine!! This is a recipe I found years ago and have had it stuffed in a pile.  I knew someday I would make it.  Now I’m […]