Dining out at Applebees … what you need to know!

Hi everyone! I wanted to take the time to put together a post that I hope will open some eyes today.   We all eat out now and then.  It’s one of life’s little pleasures, especially for working moms and dads.  It gives us a break, we don’t have to cook and clean and it […]

Your Favorite Recipes of 2013 (and mine too!)

Can you believe another year has come and gone?  I want to personally thank each and every one of you who have followed me during my very first full year of blogging.  What a journey it has, and continues, to be. As is customary in the food blogging world, I have compiled for your enjoyment […]

The Top 5 Best and Worst Cereals

Did you know that cereal is the top breakfast food in our country?  And it’s no wonder.  It’s easy, it’s convenient, it can be eaten in a bowl with milk, put in a little travel cup for kids, heck it can even be eaten for dinner. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the […]


Need help with a journalism piece or story? Need a contributor for your blog or a book? I am always looking for ways to help spread the word about GMOs and processed foods further.  I am available as a guest blogger, an expert for your newspaper or magazine articles, and I am happy arrange product reviews […]

Guest Blogging

Companies/Sponsors/Brands If you are a company or brand and would like to work with Happily Unprocessed, we are open to many creative ideas!  Send me at email at www.happilyunprocessed@gmail.com and let’s chat! Here is a sampling of who we’ve worked with: Bumble Bee Tuna | King Arthur Flour | Lunchbox Love | Zipzicles _____________________________________________________________ Online Edit […]

Artificial Sweeteners

Tasting a food for sweetness isn’t anything new.  Man first learned how to eat based on his sense of sweetness.  Something sweet was to be eaten.  Something bitter could be toxic.  Sugar is one of the most important flavoring substances.  It provides a sweet taste and provides a boost of energy.  Partaking in too many […]

Why you should never eat refined oils

When it comes to eating healthy, it starts with what you are cooking WITH.   With the endless choices on the store shelves it’s hard to know which to choose.  Butter vs. margarine, extra virgin olive oils, refined oils like vegetable and canola. There is evidence pointing in the direction that it isn’t animal fats causing our epidemic […]

What are Fortified Foods?

Fortified foods in the simplest terms is adding micro nutrients to a food. Why/when did we start fortifying foods? Fortification has been used for over 80 years in replacing lost nutrients in food.  According to Wilipedia, “Food fortification was developed to begin decreasing the incidence of nutrient deficiencies at the global level.”  Lack of proper nutrients […]

Non-GMO Website

I just wanted to do a separate post on a website I came across while doing my GMO research for my latest blog “What are GMOs?”   It’s called Nongmoshoppingguide.com and it lists by category Non GMO foods.  So if you’re looking for cereal for example that has no GMOs you would just go to that […]

The Dirty Dozen

Although the findings about the benefits of organic foods are still inconclusive, there is no doubt that eating organic food is much safer than it’s counterpart which has been sprayed with chemicals and pesticides. Every year The Environmental Working Group (EWG) compiles an annual list of The Dirty Dozen, along with The Clean 15. These are a list […]