Before and After School Routine Chore Charts

These Before and After School Routine Chore Charts are the perfect way to keep your kids on track each day without the constant nagging from Mom or Dad. Kids do better when they know AHEAD of time what is expected of them and this chart does just that! There are a list of 7 morning […]


I have provided you with several of the everyday downloads that I use to keep my life on track, including my Grocery List, What’s My Login sheet, Goals for the Week. But there may be lots of you, tons of you,  ok,a few of you who are as anal and organized as I am.  And […]


As my kids get older and more involved in sports and music and friends it’s hard to keep track sometimes. So, in my usual ADD, chart making, list making self, I came up with this great idea: This is probably one of my most favorite and most used charts that I have created! How I […]


This has been my own personal grocery shopping list for more years than I can remember. I’ve tried printing some I’ve seen on the internet but they just didn’t seem to work for me.  I finally decided to make my own and what I love the most about it is that it is two-fold. It […]

Chore Chart Printables

   This Work for Hire Chore Chart System is our most popular post and download!  Click here for the original post. This system incorporates the theory that once a child’s everyday chores are complete, he/she gets the option of going to the Work for Hire board to see if there are any additional chores they […]