Chive & Scallion Pancakes

One thing I haven’t done on my blog is share other food bloggers amazing creations.  And as anyone following me on Facebook knows, I have decided to go 30 days entirely plant based ~ another word for vegan really.

My recent blood work came back with my cholesterol at a whopping (235!) but what’s worse was my (bad) LDL cholesterol.  It was 153 !!  The third whammy is my father has suffered several (like 6+) heart attacks so I am taking this blood work pretty seriously.

Therefore, I am on the hunt for plant based and vegan recipes.  So I thought, along my 30 day journey, I would share some of the recipes I am making here at home starting with these Chive & Scallion pancakes.



Click here for the recipe from Spice Chronicles

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  1. Congratulations!!! I have been plant based for almost 40 years and reversed my obesity and cancer. I am happy to send you a free copy of my book to assist you on your journey. I think you will like the title, It’
    s called UNPROCESSED!!! 🙂

    Love & Kale,
    Chef AJ

    • P.S. My total cholesterol is 99 mg/dl and my LDLis 57 mg/dl.

      • Hi Chef AJ – I sent you a personal email in addition to this. Thanks for your support and proof that eating plant based really does work and can not only prevent heart disease but REVERSE it. Kudos to you and your amazing strength and passion for putting your health first!

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