Work for Hire Chore Chart

This Work for Hire Chore Chart System is a post we did in 2013 and it has created quite the buzz and has been reposted over 100,000 times on Pinterest! I did not create a downloadable PDF at the time but as you can read by the comments I have been asked numerous times to do so. Well I’m happy to say I have not only created a Work for Hire PDF but I have broken it down into age groups. There is one for Ages 3-5 There is one for Ages 6-8 and There is one for Ages 9-11. This system is a great way for your kids to earn extra money for chores they wouldn’t otherwise do. These chores are optional with a set price for each one. Once the chore is complete, and meets Mom and Dad’s approval, the money hanging behind the chore is theirs to keep. work-for-hire-kids-chore-chart You can download the chart as many times as you’d like for one price.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me!

Chore Chart Ages 3-5


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