Freezer Recipe Labels

As our lives got busier and we were eating less processed foods I had to find a way to make things a little easier on myself.  I will be the first to tell you that in order to avoid processed foods, you have to plan ahead.

For me that sometimes means doubling my recipe that night and freezing the other half in freezer safe bags.

It’s important to label what’s inside but more importantly {for me anyway} is also writing the cooking instructions or what’s left to do with that food.

I ended up scribbling all over the bag and not being able to read it by the time I wanted to use it.

So, I invented these recipe labels:

recipe labels1picNow, I just write out the recipe that is in each bag on one of these peelable Avery labels.  I add the date I made it, the ingredients that are in it and any remaining directions such as thaw times or oven temp and time, etc. and just slap it on and put it in the freezer!

Each order comes with 50 Recipe Labels printed on Avery 3 x 5 Peelable Labels so you can just write, peel and stick!

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  1. I love the idea of having labels in portioned out ingredients to not forget what they are for. That’s probably what businesses use to mark the expiry of their frozen or wet goods like chickens and basil in a pack. I’ll try out your idea and see if it’ll work in our household. These labels are sure to be helpful if they work the same way as food labels. Thanks for the idea of making a freezer recipe label!

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