As my kids get older and more involved in sports and music and friends it’s hard to keep track sometimes.

So, in my usual ADD, chart making, list making self, I came up with this great idea:


This is probably one of my most favorite and most used charts that I have created!

How I use this little chart is simple.

1 – Grab the Calendar

On Sundays I grab my calendar and my printout and take a look at the week ahead.  I look at all Drs appointments, hair appointments, sports, commitments we’ve already made, sleepovers, birthday parties, etc.

2 – Write it Down

Then I grab my Goals for the Week list and starting filling it in. It really gives me a sense of clarity when I know what lies ahead for the week.

3 – Include the Family

Then, my last and most important step, is I bring the list to the table before dinner on Sunday.  I briefly go over and remind everyone of what the week looks like ahead as we are eating dinner.

Sometimes, many times, there is something I missed or wasn’t made aware of.  This is the perfect time for that and to fill it in!  You know what I’m talking about ~ that science project that requires a degree to make the solar system or cupcakes for 28 due by tomorrow !!!

By the time dinner is done, my list is all filled in, I have a good idea of the week ahead and what is expected of everyone, including me.


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