Is eating organic imporant during pregancy?

Why Eat Organic?

While eating healthy organic foods is important for all of us, it is especially true for expectant mothers.

Did you know that over a billion pounds of pesticides are used each year on crops?  These residues also end up in the ground affecting our water supply as well.  If you are pregnant and eating non organic foods or non organic dairy and meat there is a good chance these pesticides and chemicals you are consuming are going right to your unborn child.

As a matter of faccanstockphoto0294442t, according to Organic Consumers, researchers in the U.S. and Canada announced they had measured pesticides in the amniotic fluid of 9 pregnant women in Los Angeles, California. ” The particular pesticide found in amniotic fluid — p,p’-DDE —  is a breakdown byproduct of DDT and is known to interfere with  male sexual development by de-activating the male sex hormone, testosterone.

Until now, pesticides had not been measured in amniotic fluid.” {source}.  Pesticides have also been found in umbilical cords as well as breast milk.  While the test sample of 9 may not seem like a big number, finding pesticides in ONE pregnant mother is too many for me!

Unlike conventional food, organic food is grown without the use of chemicals, pesticides, genetic modifying, anheader.jpgtibiotics or hormones.  Most animals are cage free and peck for their food instead of being fed a diet consisting of GMO corn while living in a concentrated animal camp.  The conditions are so poor in these animal farms that the animals have to be given antibiotics at regular intervals to prevent diseases and even death.

A baby in utero is at critical stages of development and eating foods free of GMOs or pesticides while pregnant may give your baby a healthier start to his/her life.

The Rising Rates of the 3 A’s

I’m not a Dr nor do I pretend to play one on TV.  What I am simply is a mom.  A mom who wants to discover if there is a connection between what we are eating and how it is affecting our children.  I personally believe there is a connection, and I also believe it starts in utero and continues on with the foods we feed our babies.

While there is no definitive proof that these pesticides, antibiotics in our animals and GMOs are the cause of our children’s rising health concerns, it is not unreasonable to say there is some correlation.

Genetically modifying food changes the structure, or DNA.  This isn’t what nature intended.  And it is estimated that anywhere between 80-90% of the processed foods we eat are from GMO corn.   Is it just a coincidence that the rate of autism, pre diabetes, obesity etc among our kids has skyrocketed?  I don’t think so.

I’d like to focus on the 3 As as I like to call them:

ADHD ~ According to the CDC it was thought that approximately 3-5% of children were affected by ADHD, however the numbers are shockingly higher, around 11%!   That’s a 53% increase in just 10 years!

AUTISM ~ according to AutismSpeaks Autism now affects 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys.  Again, those numbers are just staggering.

ALLERGIES ~ One thing I personally have noticed increase dramatically are childhood allergies.  And I’m not just talking seasonal, more like food allergies.  I was telling my kids the other day that when I went to school I didn’t know of ONE child with an allergy.  NOT ONE.  Now it seems they are everywhere.  Both my kids are still in elementary school and the food allergies have gotten so bad they can’t bring in anything with peanuts or eggs not only their classrooms, but the lunchrooms as well.

Could these allergies be coming from the rbGH hormone in cows?  Could it be from the antibiotics pumped into chickens?  There have been traces of these and other chemicals found in the food we feed our children!

What to Do:

  1. One of the best ways you can keep your baby safe is to eat a good diet while pregnant and that includes avoiding the pesticides and chemicals found on conventional produce, switching from non organic dairy and meat to organic.
  2. But what if you can’t afford to eat all organic foods?  I would suggest you start at least with what we like to call The Dirty Dozen.  These foods are the hardest hit when it comes to pesticides.
  3. Eat up when it comes to organic sweet potatoes.  They are like nature’s super food!  Just one cup has as much Vit A as 16 cups of broccoli.  Sweet potatoes are also great for pregnant women as it is full of potassium which is an important mineral for pregnant moms.  Potatoes have also been known to help ease morning sickness.
  4. Another great super food while pregnant are organic oranges.  These are important for growing fetuses due to the high Vitamin C but if you’re not a big orange fan just remember that most red produce contains ample amount of Vitamin C as well.  For example, stock up on apples, red peppers, tomatoes.  Just make sure they are all organic and free from unwanted pesticides and residues.
  5. Avoid food dyes, especially red!  Click here for additional information on food dyes.
  6. Be a label reader.  If it has words you don’t recognize or can’t pronounce, look them up to see what you’re REALLY eating.



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