I am still in the experimental phase when it comes to personal beauty products and my health.  I can only recommend what I’ve tried and what works for me.  But just so you know, I have dry skin and dry hair.  I’ve had very thick hair most of my life but find it is thinning just a bit as I get older.  I normally have to use 2-3 handfuls of conditioner and then use a comb while it’s wet to ensure it gets through.

I don’t have an oily T Zone like a lot of women, so I can’t recommend any products other than those geared for people on the drier end of the spectrum.

I have yet to venture into the cosmetics and deodorant end.  I am close to running out of my products and am in the research phase now so I’ll let you know what I try.

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Dry Skin BrushFace SoapKiss My Face Shaving Gel

Avalon Organic ConditionerLotionAvalon Organic Shampoo

Lip Balm

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