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chicken stock

When we decided to stop purchasing processed foods last January, I decided to learn how to make my own chicken stock.   I’m not really sure why I was intimidated by it, but I was.  Yes, it is very convenient to just open up a box or can and have instant broth but the boxed versions just CAN’T give the same flavor as homemade.

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chicken broth


I am the first to promote organic whenever possible, however, I’d like to show you that not all organic foods are created equal.  Take a look at this organic chicken broth from Swanson

Ingredients (36):

Chicken Broth ( Organic ) (, Water, Chicken Free Range ( Organic ) ), Contains less than 22% of Salt Sea, Flavor(s) Chicken ( Organic ) (Flavor(s) Natural ( Organic ), Salt Sea, Xanthan Gum) , Chicken Fat ( Organic ), Vegetable(s) Cooked ( Organic ) (Carrot(s) ( Organic ), Onion(s) ( Organic ), Celery ( Organic )) , Flavor(s) Vegetable (Spinach Puree, Carrot(s) Puree, Celery Puree, Salt, Onion(s) Puree, Citric Acid) , Yeast Extract ( Organic ) (Yeast Extract ( Organic ), Salt, Wheat ( Organic )) , Onion(s) Powder ( Organic ), Sugar ( Organic ), Cane Juice ( Organic ), Molasses ( Organic ), Yeast Extract ( Organic ), Canola Oil ( Organic ), Flavor(s), Carrot(s) Powder ( Organic ), Potato(es) Flour ( Organic ), Spice(s) Extract ( Organic ), Turmeric ( Organic ), Pepper(s) Black ( Organic )

There are 36 ingredients needed to make this chicken broth.  Do you know how many it takes me?  Nine.  And I can pronounce every single one of them.

I’m also noticing sugar, cane juice and molasses are in this list.  Since when does chicken stock need sweetening???

Stick with the real deal and make it yourself.  There is a world of difference between the two and once you start making (and/or freezing) your own you won’t go back.


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  1. I was blessed that my mom and grandma never bought prossesed food. So when I started living by myself and cook when I saw the recipe that called for can of chiken broth I wondered if it was a special broth? then my husband told me that people bought it mostly of habit and because they were tought that way! Your children are lucky to be raised differently! Yees to fresh food!!!!

    • that’s funny kat. My kids aren’t all that interested in being in the kitchen with me (yet). I’m hoping to change that this year and get them a little more hands on. Sometimes having kids in the kitchen requires a whole other set of skills, if you know what I mean. Thanks for your comment!

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