Make THIS! Not THAT! Refried Beans



Homemade Refried Beans

I don’t have a lot of experience with refried beans because my first (and LONG lasting) experience with them were the canned version.  And to be honest, I really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about.   It wasn’t until I had freshly made refried beans while eating at a local Mexican restaurant that I was intrigued enough to make my own.

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refried beans


 Ingredients (10):

Bean(s) Pinto Cooked, Water, Salt, Lard Hydrogenated, with BHA and, BHT To Protect Flavor, Onion(s) Powder, Pepper(s) Chili, Spice(s), Garlic Powder

Hydrogenated lard – I know lard sold in supermarkets is often hydrogenated, to make it shelf stable, which means you’ve got a product with cholesterol, trans fats, and saturated fat, too.  From the research I’ve done, PARTIALLY hydrogenating fats are trans fats, however FULLY hydrogenated fats are not.   Since the label doesn’t indicate which, I’d recommend contacting the company to be sure.

If you haven’t read up on how the process of hydrogenating oils works, or the effect it has on our health, Google “hydrogenated oils”.  If something needs a chemist to restructure it before I eat it, I’d rather avoid it.

BHA – The FDA regards BHA as safe (I know, shocking!) while the National Institute of Health calls it a carcinogen.   According to the FDA “BHA is generally recognized as safe for use in food when the total of antioxidants is not greater than 0.02% of fat or oil content.”  The problem, again, lies in quantity.

BHA is added to so many foods we eat on a daily basis like butter, lard, meats, cereals, baked goods, beer, vegetable oil, potato chips, snack foods, nuts, flavoring agents, sausages, poultry and meat products, dry mixes for beverages and desserts, glazed fruits, chewing gum, active dry yeast and shortening.

For us though ladies, BHA also has the health implications of being an endocrine disruptor, which poses the greatest risk during pregnancy.
The looming question in my mind is …Are a can of beans worth that when you can make them yourself??


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