Make THIS, Not THAT!: Granola



granola Have you tried this granola yet?  Oh my gosh!

This homemade granola has become a STAPLE in our house and I don’t know who eats more of it, me or my husband.

Since I’ve started making it we no longer eat boxed cereals when we are looking for a fast breakfast.  We reach for this granola instead.  It’s loaded with great fats from the nuts, sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  It has a lovely taste of coconut, cinnamon and nutmeg but you can add any spices you like really.

I put it over whole, organic yogurt or enjoy it the old fashioned way ~ with milk!

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Ingredients (16):

Oat(s) Whole Grain, Honey, Blueberry(ies) Dried (Blueberry(ies), Sugar, Glycerine, Sunflower Oil) , Canola Oil, Flax Seed, Oat(s) Bran, Agave Syrup, Cane Juice Evaporated, Rice Brown Syrup, Soy Lecithin, Flavor(s) Natural Lemon(s), Spice(s)


Just take a look at how MANY ingredients are highlighted in this bag of Bear Naked Granola!

Sugar: There are 7 grams of sugar in JUST one QUARTER cup of this granola.  Who eats 1/4 cup for breakfast?  To say a serving of 1/2 – 3/4 of a cup wouldn’t be unrealistic.  That ups the sugar intake to a WHOPPING 14-21 grams of sugar before you’ve even left the house!

Sugar has recently been in the news as a major study was done showing a link between high levels of sugar consumption and a higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease  as was stated in the conclusion of JAMA’s INTERNAL MEDICINE JOURNAL dated Feb 3, 2104,

  • “Most US adults consume more added sugar than is recommended for a healthy diet. We observed a significant relationship between added sugar consumption and increased risk for CVD mortality.”

Brown Rice Syrup:   Did you know that brown rice syrup has about 19% free glutamic acid which may cause a reaction in those who are highly sensitive to MSG?

Natural Flavoring:  “The FDA does not require companies to disclose ingredients of color or flavor additives so long as all the chemicals in them are considered by the agency to be GRAS (“generally recognized as safe”) enabling companies to maintain secrecy of formulas. It also hides the fact that flavors often contain more ingredients than the foods to which they give taste.”

PLEASE do yourself, your body, your families bodies good by avoiding packaged products that are LOADED with unwanted sugars and chemicals to MAKE UP a flavor.  It is now coming to light just how harmful these substances really are to us.

In order to live a healthy life when we get older, we need to take care of the only body we have NOW.


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