Who (or what) is Monsanto?

“GMOs are safe” claims Monsanto.

Know who else said that?  Back in the 40s and 50s?  Tobacco companies!

Today there is enough evidence to support the fact there is a direct link between tobacco products and cancer.  Unfortunately you and I are living in a generation where GMOs have only been around for the last 15 years and there isn’t enough evidence to support whether GMOs are causing cancer, hyperactivity in kids, obesity, and diabetes.  Well I don’t know about you, but I’m convinced enough from looking at the research and evidence that our country’s health issues have become a major epidemic in the last 15 years.  We’ve been on this earth for quite a long time… evolved, farmed, worked.  Never has this country had the health issues that we have now.  Why?  Let me introduce Monsanto and their crops.

Who is Monsanto?

Monsanto could not exist without farmers.

Billions of people depend on what farmers do. And so will billions more. In the next few decades, farmers will have to grow as much food as they have in the past 10,000 years - combined.

It is our purpose to work alongside farmers to do exactly that. We do this by selling seeds, traits developed through biotechnology, and crop protection chemicals

Monsanto is an agricultural company based in St Louis that GLOBALLY employs over 21,000 people.  They produce agricultural and vegetable seeds and make crop protection chemicals, namely their patented RoundUp! that is already implanted in your seeds before you even plant them!  Yes you heard that right.  You see there in lies the problem.  Monsato believes without their Frankenseeds we cannot feed the world.  The farmers wouldn’t be able to handle the demand due to critters and disease and mother nature reeking havoc on their crop.  So they have invented a way to produce seeds that ALREADY have pesticides in them, and are therefore, disease and drought resistant.  In other words you are being poisoned without even knowing it!

The solution?

We are working to double yields in our core crops by 2030. These yield gains will come from a combination of advanced plant-breeding, biotechnology, and improved farm management practices

Advanced plant breeding ????   Biotechnology ????  Are we still talking about food?

We strengthened our goal of doubling crop yields committing to do it with ONE THIRD FEWER RESOURCES such as land, water, and energy per unit produced.

Let’s take a step back…

1901 ~ Monsanto was founded by John F. Queeny.  The first product made was saccharine!!

1945 ~ Monsanto started producing and marketing chemicals

1976 ~ RoundUp was commercialized, but it wasn’t until 1981 when a molecular biology group has been set up and biotechnology was firmly established as Monsanto’s strategic research” focus”

1982 ~ scientists were first able to genetically modify a plant

1994 ~ rBST first went on sale for milk production in cows

1998 ~ RoundUp ready corn is introduced to farmers with RoundUp already built in to prevent disease and improve crops

2006 ~ Mansanto buys out at least 7 seed companies

2008 ~ Monsanto acquires Aly Participacoes Ltda., which operates the sugarcane and breeding technology companies

2011 ~ Monsanto received USDA authorization for the planting of Genuity® Roundup Ready® Alfalfa and Genuity® Roundup Ready® Sugarbeets


  • Monsanto has spent millions of dollars in trying to defeat Proposition 37 – which would REQUIRE all manufacturers to LABEL the GMOs in their products.  If they have nothing to hide then why spend all this money so we CAN’T see what we’re eating???

I discovered this morning (when I was researching building my own organic garden this summer) that the store bought potatoes (with spuds) will not reproduce if planted.  Why?  Because the potatoes have already been treated with a sprout inhibitor!

To back this up,  Mike Adams of www.naturalnews.com says, “Instead of honoring the natural ability of seeds to reproduce generation after  generation, Monsanto develops “terminator seed” technology that causes seeds to  self-terminate after one generation. This, by itself, is a heinous crime against  nature, humankind and planet Earth.”

I was shocked!  I always wondered why when the kids and I would plant an old potato or corn for giggles it wouldn’t grow.  Now I know why.  Organic potatoes (in case you were wondering) WILL grow if spuds are sprouted.  But they have to be organic and not Frankentised by Monsatan.

  • In 2008, then elect Pres Obama promised to label GMOs if elected.  Not only did he fall back on that promise when elected he went one step further!  He then named former Monsanto VP Michael Taylor as the HEAD of Food Safety at the Food and Drug Administration !!
  • GMOs tested by Monsanto aren’t tested for long enough time periods to be substantial.  They merely test their GMOs for 90 days and them deem them “safe for a LIFETIME consumption”.
  • Monsanto is seen as a foe to family based agriculture by introducing dangerous changes to plants and animals.  Naturally occurring plants are permanently threatened by DNA and Frankenbased bioengineering modifications.
  • Since the introduction of genetically modified foods, the diagnosis of chronic illnesses has skyrocketed!

Most shoppers if you watch them will pick up a product and never once look at the label.  They just put in their cart.  Most people (like I was) are clueless when it comes to GMOs.  If you stop and ask someone in the market if the product they just put in their cart has GMOs in it the typical response might be … HUH????  GM what????  GMOs are very dangerous and need to be labeled in order for consumers to make informed decisions.  This topic is so huge that I will have to break it down into smaller segements.  The next one being the food manufacturers you love dumping money into opposing Proposition 37.  Until then ……


  1. Avoid Soy, Cotton and Corn if they are not organic
  2. Do not touch Canola oil with a 10 foot pole!
  3. Try using honey and maple sugar to sweeten your baked goods and cereals, oatmeals etc.
  4. Research organic, non gmo seeds to plant your garden this summer.  My sister gave me the name of two today called Seedsofchange.com and seedsnow.com.  I have no recommendation either way.  I haven’t ordered anything yet.  I’ll let you know what I find.  I just wanted to pass them along.


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  1. Wow that is really disturbing! These are really Frankenfoods and no one realizes they are eating it. You are really opening my eyes to these things!!

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