I have provided you with several of the everyday downloads that I use to keep my life on track, including my Grocery List, What’s My Login sheet, Goals for the Week.

But there may be lots of you, tons of you,  ok,a few of you who are as anal and organized as I am.  And for those of us, I have made a PLANNING MY DAY sheet!


This sheet goes into hour by hour detail of the day ahead.  I am that organized, a lot of you may not be.  But here’s how I work this…

#1 ~ On Sundays I fill out my Goals for the Week as I explained in this post.

#2 ~ Then come Monday morning, Tuesday morning, etc. I fill this sheet out as I’m drinking my coffee in the morning planning that specific day.  It details my day and how I envision it.  It gives me a chance to PRE-PLAN the day and how I’d like it to unfold.  Does it always work out that way?  No.  But the only failure of a day is one that wasn’t planned ahead of time.

I hope you enjoy this schedule as much as I do~ all I ask is you pay a small premium to help pay for the time it took me to create this chart!  😀




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