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kids-chore-chart-system This Work for Hire Chore Chart System is our most popular post and download!  Click here for the original post.

This system incorporates the theory that once a child’s everyday chores are complete, he/she gets the option of going to the Work for Hire board to see if there are any additional chores they are willing to do for instant cash.

The value of each chore is a personal one and should be set depending on difficulty and time involved.

It’s best to print these chores out on thick paper and hang either on a magnetic background or a board using push pins.

  AGES 3-5

This chore chart is perfect for ages 3-5 where they are very happy to ‘help’.  Why not take all the enthusiasm to help Mom and create a chart that they can pick the chores they have confidence in completing.  Money doesn’t necessarily have to be an option here as they are still so young.  It could be another special treat instead.

The 2nd page is left blank for you to fill in jobs you think your kids will excel at.

WorkforHireAges3-5pic WorkforHireAges3-5pg2pic

Ages 6-8

These chores are perfect for older kids who are capable of completing tasks unsupervised.  They are at the age where they are starting to understand the concept of money and a little pocket money gives them a little more independence in their buying power.

WorkForHireAges6-8pic WorkforHireAges6-8pg2pic









Ages 9-11

These chores are geared more toward middle schoolers as they are able to work independently at this stage.  Again, Work For Hire Chores should be offered only AFTER all their other chores are completed.  Kids at this age are now interested in obtaining their own things with their own money.

WorkforHireAges9-11pic WorkforhireAges9-11pg2pic









 Ages 12-15

This is a perfect age for Work for Hire as Tweens and Teens are in constant need of money!  These extra chores are for kids who are capable of completing tasks unsupervised and are more advanced, like using yard equipment and tools.

chore chart 12-15 pg 1pic chore chart 12-15 pg 2 pic












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