Target to add Organic grocery line

Great new everyone!  Target will be starting their own organic grocery line called Archer Farms Simply Balanced.  They plan to have around 250 products following in the footsteps of their successful Archer Farms line. target

Going organic and avoiding GMOs greatly reduces your grab and go selections.  I used to be a big gas station shopper (I know …. I know…. my head is held low).  But how easy is it to run in and grab some coffee and a snack while the car is gassing up?  Well since going Unprocessed I haven’t set foot in the Quik E Marts.

Now the heavens have opened!  I shop in Target quite often for clothes for the kids and stuff around the house, so this for me, is going to be a perfect marriage.  If I need to grab something quick I now have another option besides Trader Joes and Whole Foods or my local Kroger.

There is just something about the convenience of the one stop shopping and Target is (I feel) going to make great strides in the organic market with this new line not only by mainstreaming it but reducing the prices.

Here’s a link to the TimesDispatch blog on the subject and here is one by TheHuffingtonPost and BusinessTime .

According to the articles, organic food accounts for only 10% of sales, however, they state they are seeing organic foods grow at twice the rate of conventional foods.  Score one for us !!!!

And even better…. Target says is will eliminate all geneticially modified ingredients from the line by 2014!!  Score another point!!

Just remember though, corn chips and other snacks, even if they are labeled organic, still are not healthy.  I haven’t found any news on whether they will carry organic meats or not, but I am assuming they will carry dairy and produce and that’s good enough for me!

I just hope this isn’t another one of those “Let’s jump on the consumer ban wagon” and now every processed chip, snack and cracker is going organic.

It will be interesting to see where this goes in the next year or two.

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