What better place to start then the basics.  People often ask me “why don’t you eat processed foods?”  or I often hear comments like….

“I grew up eating that and there’s nothing wrong with me.  I lived”.

Well the sad truth is food ISN’T what it was when I grew up.  It’s so much more processed now and the chemicals are being manufactured and invented by the hour!  So I decided to start from square one.

It took my father to point out to me in one of my blogs, “What does GMO stand for?” for me to stop and realize not everyone knows ‘the basics’ of our food system and how or why genetically modified foods (Dad) came about.  Why are they so harmful to us?  I guess you could call this the FAQ page too.  Whatever you want to call it, here is where you can come to for the most commonly asked questions I get about eating ‘un’processed and where to begin.

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