I recently did a blog about high fructose corn syrup and it’s controversial debate.  And while I think it’s helpful to get the word out about how many foods contain HFCS, I also thought it would be more helpful for those of you just starting to ‘un’process yourselves to have a list of products that DO NOT contain any HFCS.

I have been working on this list for quite some time!  And I’m sure there are many more products that can be added to it.  But, well, I had to get the lists out of my purse AND off the dining room table AND off my smart phone and compiled into one complete list!  🙂

To be quite honest though, I have been torn as to whether or not I would publish this list because although these products don’t contain any HFCS, there are some on here that I do not feel are healthy at all!  But I am a realist and I do understand there are working families out there who simply CANNOT plant, grow, process and make all their meals from scratch.  There are times when families have to rely on what’s on the store’s shelves.  This list I am hoping will at least help you make better choices when that time arises.

I will also be updating each time I find a new product to add~ and you can ask my kids how excited I get when I find one.   And please feel free to email me or comment below if you find an item to add as well.



  • Sierra Mist Natural
  • Trader Joes Cola
  • Trader Joes Cream Soda
  • Trader Joes Root Beer
  • 7UP Retro
  • Capri Sun All Natural
  • Bolthouse Smoothies (I didn’t check ALL of them)
  • Green tea
  • Organic milk



  • Arnold Natural Health Nut
  • Country Hearth 12 Grain
  • Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat
  • Nature’s Pride
  • Pepperidge Farm’s 100% Natural
  • Pepperidge Farm Whole Grain Wheat



  • Cheerios
  • Most Kashi cereals
  • Life
  • Shredded Wheat




  • Annie’s Natural Organic
  • Heinz Organic
  • Trader Joes Organic


  • Hellmanns


  • Annie’s Natural Organic



  • Mi-Del Graham Crackers
  • Mi-Del Ginger Snaps (long list I know)



  • Triscuits
  • Pepperidge Farm Gold Fish (I won’t get into what ELSE is in there right now)
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers



NOTE:  The overwhelming majority of ice creams I picked up had HFCS in them.  Stick with plain ice creams.

  • Haagen Daas Vanilla (my ultimate favorite!  It has less than 5 ingredients – the way it SHOULD be!)
  • Haagen Daas Coffee
  • Breyer’s All Natural Vanilla (watch Breyers, the more you steer away from just plain ice cream, it gets ugly)



  • Smuckers Organic Preserves
  • Pollaner All Fruit



  • Smucker’s All Natural PB
  • Trader Joes Creamy brand



NOTE:  This list has been prepared with just HFCS in mind.  I want you to still be a label reader and watch the first ingredient in most store bought dressings, which tends to be a refined oil, whether canola, vegetable or soybean oil.  (Notice there is nothing from Hidden Valley, Kraft or the other big name manufacturers!)

  • Annie’s Natural Goddess Dressing
  • Annie’s Roasted Pepper Vinaigrette
  • Newman’s Own Cranberry Walnut



  • Dannon Activia
  • Dannon All Natural Coffee and Vanilla flavors
  • Dannon Lite and Fit Vanilla
  • Fage Greek Yogurt
  • Horizon Organic
  • Stonyfield Yo Baby
  • Stonyfield

Have any more items to add to the list?  Email them to me!

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  1. Hellman’s has hydrolyzed Soy Oil in it. There is no “real” mayonnaise any longer. That’s worse than HFCS. Life cereal has Sugar, and BHT in it. Cheerios has Modified Corn Starch, Sugar, and tocopherols.
    Eat it if you want. I wouldn’t.

    • All soy products are genetically modified. I threw away Campbell’s soup because of it. I don’t want to eat that crap!!!

  2. Hunts ketchup does not have HFCS

  3. I found the best video for information on the dangers of HFCS. It’s on YouTube and it’s a lecture by a doctor who is very knowledgable and gives amazing information on the dangers of Sugar and HFCS. It’s called “Sugar: The Bitter Truth”. I highly suggest anyone to watch this. Love this website and thanks so much for creating it!!

    • Bill Thomson says:

      Yes! ALL of Dr. Lustig’s lectures are eye-openers. Two that are definitely worth watching are “Is a calorie a calorie? Processed food experiment gone wrong” and “What is Metabolic Syndrome and why are children getting it?” Dr. Lustig shows the bio-chemistry behind the human body’s processing of sugar and how it affects us.

      I found it somewhat puzzling that a website with as much good info as this one has, makes no mention of Dr. Lustig.

      There is also a very good BBC documentary titled “The Truth about Sugar.”
      Yet another worth watching is “The Secrets of Sugar” from the CBC.

      One I found especially surprising is an Irish documentary. Ireland is the fourth largest consumer of sugar n the world. The Irish know they have a problem with sugar as do other European countries. Slowly, ever so slowly, thee US is realizing that we too, have an issue with sugar.

  4. I live in Largo FL and buy most of our food from Earth Fare which advertises:We Pledge our Food is Free Of: Added Hormones, artificial fats and trans-fats, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour, antibiotics, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, artificial flavor or colors. Publix grocery stores offer many items from their Greenwise line that have no HFCS. Also, Pepperridge Farm Milano cookies are free of HFCS.

  5. Is there any kind of cherry juice that doesn’t have hfs in it

  6. I have the soda monkey but I can drink Dr.Pepper in the GREEN can as it is made with real sugar, not HFCS. Places like Quick Trip now carry sodas made with real sugar. The food industry says that sugar and HFCS are equivalent. THEY LIE! My body knows the difference as if I consume HFCS I will have bad angina and will almost seize up with a heart attack. Real sugar doesn’t bother. Always read labels.

    • Anonymous says:

      I too am allergic to HFCS is almost impossible to eat out because it’s in everything.

    • I have had about half of my intestinal track removed because of a cancerous condition and there are many thins I can not digest. On top of the list is anything with HFCS. I become deathly ill. The reaction is so bad that within 15 minutes, it is going right through me. (By the way, it is band in Europe.)

  7. Chobani Greek yogurt is healthy and is made with all natural products

  8. Nancy Bainter says:

    Thank you for the attention to HFCS. My son can eat something with it in. Then 12 to 20 hours later he has a seizure! He’s been through all the tests for epilepsy. His MRI and CT scans are normal. But just give him something with HFCS in it, and I can guarantee a seizure! That stuff is poison!

    • I’m sorry to hear your son is suffering like that Nancy. There are so many great recipes on our blog. I hope you can find some that he likes.

    • back in 85 I was diagnosed with IBS but that year also the year HFCS majority replaced sugar but I spent some time at my family farm and no IBS back it popped up again so I dealt with an allergist and he found it was the HFCS giving me IBS symptoms. and it was real hard to find non HFCS food back then and even made my own catsup and got shocked on how much sugar go in it now I got lot of choices but I use simply Heinz now but one other thing I graduated in 1981 with a graduating class of 3000 and I did not know a single kid with ADD or autism now I in a much smaller circle as I moved from NY to Florida and now in very small circle I know 4 that have kids with those problem. a study done a few years ago were they tested 200 samples of HFCS and it all had mercury in it but what surprised the almost half of the samples and a disturbing level of mercury. and mercury does cross the brain barer and defiantly cause brain damage

  9. Pepsi made with Real Sugar, Peter Pan 100 % Natural peanut butter, Log Cabin Syrup

  10. Amanda Santana says:

    I would to email you and ask you some questions

  11. Rosalind says:

    I was just washing out a Bread and Butter pickle jar and saw No HFCS ( don’t Lol please) it had a picture of corn. I was like what? So off to look it up and I found this Blog to read and I have enjoyed it completely and all the comments thank you so very much for the knowledge

  12. Using no HFCS is very important to ones health. Phosphoric Acid is another dangerous ingredient used in commercial food products. It chelate calcium out of the body resulting in osteoporosis.

  13. Oddly enough Kraft BBQ sauce is hfcs free, sweet baby Ray’s is not.

    • Google Kraft BBQ Sauce. the first item on the label is HFCS:
      is it one specific flavor or am i missing something?

  14. DeVon Mohn says:

    Thank you for this list! I am just getting started on learning about how bad the high fructose corn syrup is. Looking at labels it’s astonishing that it’s everywhere. It’s even in Worcestershire sauce which I like to use. I do want to begin the process though of finding healthy alternatives.
    Thanks again!

  15. Vicki Lee Benes says:

    Please email me any updates. I have recently learned I am allergic to corn in all forms and have been finding it hard to find foods without corn syrup! Thank you very much!

  16. Christine says:

    Thank you for taking the time to compile this list. I do wish it was longer! I don’t drink soda, just Poland Spring water, coffee and occasionally a glass of pinot Grigio . I love bread and I will switch now.
    Keep up the great work!
    Thanks again,

    • thanks for taking the time to leave that lovely comment! I hear you on the bread sister, if I had my way I would live off of bread wine and cheese !!! 😀

  17. Gwendolyn Washington says:

    Thank you so much my grandson is 10 years old and has been diagnosed with a Fructose Intolerance it has been awful for both him and I. There is hardly no literature about this diet what are we to do he is very optimistic that he will grow out of it one day. But for right know his Gastrointestinal Doctor say’s the diet is for life. If you know anything about this diet please help I need ALL the HELP I can get Thank you in advance…

    • I’m sorry to hear your grandson is intolerant of fructose Gwendolyn, but on the other hand I’m not. Foods with HFCS are not really foods at all. It will be harder for him to understand that at his age especially when his peers are eating a bunch of junk food at the lunch table, school parties and holidays. But if it makes you feel any better we don’t eat any foods with fructose in them either and that’s by choice. Stay along the perimeter and make as much food as you can and he will come to appreciate REAL food vs FAKE food. Please keep us updated … much love!

    • Gwendolyn, I was diagnosed with fructose intolerance last year. My doctor gave me a list of foods to avoid and which ones are safe. Basically, everything containing HFCS is off limits (lots of ice creams, industrially processed cookies and pastries, regular soda, salad dressings, barbecue sauces,…) . Further, honey and fruit juice concentrates should be avoided as sweeteners. Also “sucrose” sweetened soft drinks and candies. As far as fruits go: they should contain glucose in balance with our in excess of fructose (both are found in fruits as natural fruit sugars). To avoid: apple, pear, melon, watermelon, sherry, grapea. Safer are stone fruit, berry fruit, bananas, citrus fruit, kiwi, pineapple because they have a higher glucose content. Also good are glucose-rich accompaniments to offset a higher intake of fructose: glucose sweetened sports drinks – note that Powerade contains HFCS, Gatorade does not.

  18. For yogurt, add chobani, it is high in protein and low in fat and sugar. Uses natural and unprocessed fruit.

    • I agree, I eat chobani yogurt as well, low in sugar and no additives, I love it. It is strange a lot of foreign countries do not pollute their food with the poison like America does, in fact they don’t want our so called food

  19. Araceli Silva says:

    This is awesome! thank you!

  20. jean bates says:

    also what about aspartame in what your drink, that is suppose to be worse than HFCS!!

    • Artificial sweeteners are much worse for you than HFCS and sugar for sure

      • @Debi, HFCS is an artificial sweetener because of the way it is processed. It is also extremely addictive. There has been a recent study in California, they fed rats with HFCS and cocaine and the rats were observed for several weeks. 80% of the time, they were choosing HFCS over cocaine. Another study was with two groups of rats, one was given glucose and the other HFCS, the group with glucose went to sleep (like a normal animal after a big meal) however the group fed with HFCS wanted more, and was anxiously looking it.

    • shawnna joyner says:

      Or if you have an allergy to any and all artificial sugars and now found out you have a corn allergy as well ( omg hate life right now)

  21. L J Reilly says:

    Bryer’s Chocolate ice cream also does not contain hfcs. You are correct that other Bryer flavors do have it, even vanilla ice cream, other than the Natural Vanilla you mentioned.

  22. Your Mayo list is definitely incomplete. Helmann’s isn’t really mayo….traditional mayo has 3 ingredients…Salt, Eggs & Vinegar…no sweeteners at all. Traditional mayo brands are Dukes, Sauers and most house brands labeled “Southern Style” like Lowes Foods Southern Style Mayo.

    Also look at La Brea Breads….wide range of artisan breads available at Harris Teeter (so probably all Kroger owned chains)…they do french, sourdough, itallian, rosemary, 3 cheese semolina and many more …all made without sugaring to speed the rising process.

    • thanks Ken for your input. I have heard of Duke’s before but haven’t tried it. I am planning on making my own mayo sometime soon.

      • Hellman’s and Duke’s are the same company. Hellmans eastern u.s. dukes, western u.s.

        • Hellman’s contains sugar, Duke’s does not. I personally prefer mayo without sugar (when I make homemade, I use oil, vinegar, egg, and a pinch of mustard and salt). But, some people like their mayo sweeter so they would prefer Hellman’s (at least it does not contain HFCS).

  23. June Walker says:

    Hi, You may want to add Grace Baking’s Henry’s harvest Bread and Cobblestone Bread Company’s 24 Whole Grains and Seeds Bread as well. Unless the HFCS is contained within the listed ingredients of these products, They are HFCS free.

  24. If your body does not recognize what you ingest as food, it AUTOMATICALLY stores it as fat. HFCS, and preservatives, (nitrates, nitrites,), flavor enhancers (MSG) are not recognized by our bodies as food. No wonder we are getting so obese.Especially when it is in just about EVERYTHING. Even foods you would not expect it to be in. HFCS also lengthens the shelf life of the products it is used in. Gross!!! It should be banned along with not labeling GMOs as such. If it is so safe, then why not label it and let me make the choice. I say, STOP BUYING AND CONSUMING PRESERVED FOOD WITH HFCS. If money talks, they should get the message loud and clear.

    • Barbara Ryan says:

      dear happily unprocessed…thank you so much for this information..there was no where to make a reply but here..i had cancer and afterwards gain alot of weight on steroids and medicine…i so appreciate you being here with your blog…i have a question as far as eating potatoes, noodles, meats..are these foods without HFCS? and thanks again for giving me this information to start with

      • I agree, I eat chobani yogurt as well, low in sugar and no additives, I love it. It is strange a lot of foreign countries do not pollute their food with the poison like America does, in fact they don’t want our so called food

  25. TruthSeeker says:

    High fructose corn syrup makes me sick. It brings out my GERD, and I am now diabetic, or very close to it (insulin resistant) I am loaded with skintags all over my neck, and elsewhere, which is a sign of diabetes. I have become quite fat, especially in the belly, and around my waist. Population control, and pure greed is the reason these companies want us dead ASAP! It is certainly working. Nobody is 100% healthy anymore, and newborn babies are born sick, and dying. It is all out of control as more than half the population is dying of cancer, and numerous other manmade for profit diseases.

  26. Paul Scott says:

    I once read a book that talked about the FDA. The food corporations alternate CEO s on the board through political means. Money . Now the corporations that are meant to be overseen by the FDA ,run the FDA. So aspertame a poison declared as toxic in the 70s is in many diet products. The FDA is the only government agency that has its own court it’s own judges and can write laws without the consent of Congress. You cannot sue the FDA.
    GMOs are also banned in Europe but here it’s about all we get. Americans are obese ,diabetic , and hyper tension due to the poisonous food supply. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our health care system. Heart disease is rampant. Americans are a mess. Bloated and mass brainwashed by the corporate media who is owned wholly by only two corporations both of whom are nothing but propaganda ministries. We are being poisoned on purpose so that pharmasuitical corporations sell billions of pills that do nothing but exacerbate the problem.
    What can you do? Eat whole foods ,raed labels spread the word.

    • well said Paul !

    • I could not agree more!

    • Michael Christensen says:

      Well said Paul and do true. The FDA and big pharmaceutical companies are every bit as evil as the drug cartels in Mexico.

    • And the FDA and EPA does nothing thanks to trump trying to destroying the divisions that protect us back when I was younger and lived on long island we banned temic a pesticide for potato boors as is it was showing up in the 3rd of 5 aquifer’s under long island which put all the potato farmer out of business today Round up a another carcinogens is found in our cereal and nothing about banning round up as should be

  27. Dawn Wilson says:

    I am looking for items that are not only HFCS free but also gluten free. Any ideas?? Thanks 🙂

  28. You need to remove sierra mist natural as it is now mist twist and hfcs laden

  29. Amen Lloyd, you are absolutely right. The FDA is so crooked.!! Money has ruined peoples judgement and soul’s.

  30. My husband has gout very bad for the last 16 years. One thing that fires it up is the HFCS! It will immediately flare it up. Not sure if it is gout or just plain arthritis. But if you have either ailment, watch the HFCS!

    • After I went gluten free I never had another bout of gout again. Before that, even the cherry juice and the black bean water/sauce I had to drink every day to keep gout at bay were starting to fail and I was really suffering-despite being in my early forties at that time.

  31. Since i no longer have a thyroid i get sick within a few minutes of eating something with HFCS in it…my body tells me anyways as a result i’ve learned these things don’t have HFCS

    Pepsi made with real sugar
    Jarrito’s soda in several flavors (comes from Mexico about 75 cents a bottle at our local supermarket)
    Mountain Dew Throwbacks
    Wild Cherry Pepsi made with real sugar
    Nature’s Own white wheat bread/buns
    Simply Hunts keohup

    I’m searching for a sweet and sour sauce (not kikomann’s thats nasty) without HFCS that is similar to the one made by Kraft or McD, don’t like the soy flavoring… and some decent ice cream that don’t have it in it… So suggestions are welcome…

  32. I have been on a search for products with no HFCS for years ever since I learned in nursing school years ago that our bodies cannot process it and it is immediately stored as fat. I have come across many products now that do no contain HFCS and more and more are popping up on store shelves due to increased awareness. Here are a couple I have found that are not on your list:

    Simply Heinz ketchup
    Welch’s Reduced Sugar Grape Jelly
    Del Monte Sweet Pickle Relish
    Chobani plain greek yogurt
    KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce (although homemade bbq sauce is best)

  33. Kraft has now gotten on board with 2 spreads that do not contain HFCS; they are Kraft Olive Oil Mayo and Olive Oil Miracle Whip (with peanut butter is the BEST!). I’ve had 4 heart attacks, so I read every label on every product I pick up.

    I don’t know who makes the Kroger brand of peanut butter, but whomever it is, bless them forever for making it with peanuts and sugar AND fully hydrogenated oils!! (again, peanut butter and Miracle Whip!!!)

    Hunts ketchup in all variety’s that I have found thus far are all free of HFCS. It’s part of their corporate motto to not poison people ;O)

    • thanks for your comments James. Sorry to hear about the heart attacks. It still stumps me when I hear people saying in the store, “It doesn’t matter, they’re all the same”. ugh !!!

  34. HFCS is only part of the problem. Most yogurts contain carrageenan which is a preservative /msg. If you have any sensitivity to msg there are many more things in most processed foods that should be avoided. All natural means nothing and organic doesn’t mean safe. Sticking with fresh foods is about the only way

  35. Lloyd Cox says:

    I believe, too many people in our government and in the FDA has financial ties in many of the companies that use HFCS and other GMO’s. And in order to keep the money rolling in, the allow this companies to continue the use of many food processing at the expense of their customers health and well being.
    I personally feel that the FDA needs to be taken to court and sued, in the same respect that a doctor and hospitals are accountable, the Food Industry, Monsanto, Dow Chemical and others and the FDA need also to be held accountable, in a big way!

  36. Michael Sadler says:

    with all the over weight people in the USA why doesn’t our government set regulations on use of HFCS in foods in many cases we don’t have a choice of what foods to buy with out HFCS unless we do with out USA was a leader now we add HFCS to increase profit for our stock holders rather than making a quality product that your body can metabolize

    • HFCS is banned in the UK, therefore, I don’t quite understand why our government allows the use of this poison here in our country. We need a White House petition started once Trump is the president to have it banned here. Obama believes in EVERYTHING that is bad for the U.S., so starting a petition now would be like asking Canada to take back Justin Bieber.

      • Can you find something else to blame Obama for? This poison was in our foods long before he took office!

        • I REALLY hope they ban HFCS in the U.S. For me, I am 24 and I have A.D.H.D. and Asperger’s. When I have something with HFCS it gives me a bad headache. That is why when I go shopping with my mom or my aunt I have to quadruple read the ingredients. LITERALLY!!!! I would be so happy if they not only banned HFCS in the U.S. but keep it out of everything forever!!!! THAT would make me the happiest person on the planet!!!!

        • Debra D. says:

          He is simply saying it would be useless to make the attempt while Obama is in office.

  37. Trader Joes mayonnaise not only doesn’t have HFCS but no sugar either! Their Kosher sandwich pickles don’t have HFCS either.

  38. Twon Dako says:

    Thanks for creating this list Debi. I visit this site to check out your updates regularly. You have saved me with the Joe’s soda..if you know what I mean. Here is something to add to your list of no HFCS products. These products have been clearly labeled on the packages as “No High Fructose Corn Syrup”. For me if it not clearly labeled on package as such, I don’t trust it because HFCS can be disguised as “sugar” and this is legal and permitted by FDA.

    Peter Pan peanut butter (Labeled No HFCS) I get mine from Walmart
    Concord grape Jelly (labeled No HFCS) I get it from Walmart
    Nutri Grain bars (Labeled No HFCS) I get mine from Walmart
    Swiss Premium juice (Labeled No HFCS) I get it from Giant Eagle
    Bread – L’Oven n Fresh brand. (Labeled No HFCS) I get it from Aldi

    If I come across more products I will add a comment here.

  39. I can confirm Duke’s (Mayo), Classico and some of Ragu’s (Pasta), Mott’s Natural Apple Sauce, I also noticed many food with diet, sugar free, no added sugar, and lite do not contain HFCS ;however they might have additives i.e. Phenyl, artifact sweeter, modified, etc, though.

    I am not surprised to see something happen like that because many of them renamed HFCS to Corn Sugar, Modified Corn, Corn Substitute, etc that’s why I refuse to buy food that mentions word phase “Corn” which I’d know they do have HFCS.

    Kellogg is HFCS fanatic because almost all of brands have HFCS and is notoriety for hide their own agendas i.e. rename HFCS with usually Corn Sugar or Modified Corn.

    In fact, Kashi cereals turned out to be unhealthy because they kept secret until someone exposed their frauds. Not mention most of them are contain load of additives. I had no idea of the fact they’re part of Kellogg.

    Oh, I avoid cereals because none of them are healthy even Cheerios which contain modified corn starch.

    I wonder about bread stuffing because I wasn’t able to find HFCS free bread stuffing at Winn Dixie, Publix, Walmart, or even Sweet Bay. So I wonder do any of you know one brand that doesn’t have HFCS or label mention corn ?.

    • Craig motyka says:

      Yes aldi store brand loven fresh doesnt contain HFCs or xantham gum and it is the cheapest store bread that I have found .85 a loaf run to aldi for your breads

    • Homemade is best. With all the talk about GMOs in grain, I save my stale organic bread ends , either Nature’s Promise Organic whole grain or Ezekiel Organic whole grain and chop it up in my food processor. Add some melted butter and stir.

  40. Steph O'Connell says:

    I don’t believe Chobani Yogurt has HFCS.

  41. Anjie Lea says:

    Hunt’s ketchup is safe too and very affordable

    • Hi Anjie – it depends on which bottle you pick up it seems. Of the 4 I picked up 2 had HFCS and 2 didn’t. Go figure. But what they all DID have were Natural Flavors, which in my opinion should be avoided as well.

      The brand I buy now is from Krogers Simply Organic line and there’s no HFCS OR natural flavors.
      thanks for your comment

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