Vegan Chocolate Chip Raspberry Ice cream

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Well hello there vegan ice cream !!!

The more I share other bloggers recipes the more inspired I get!

There are just so many great, real food, healthy recipes out there in the world and this vegan chocolate chip raspberry swirl ice cream from The Healthy Family and Home is on MY short list!

When I discovered I had high cholesterol (240 – awesome!) I choose to cut out all dairy.  Maybe someday I can go back to small amounts but for the time being I am steering CLEAR of dairy as I truly believe animal fat is a major contributor to high cholesterol.

So in the meantime I was pinteresting around one day looking for alternatives to dairy and found this delicious looking coconut milk based ice cream.  I can’t wait to try it!

 Click here for the recipe!


Thanks to those of you who found us through Facebook!

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