With so much produce in our supermarkets year round it’s hard to remember what’s really in season.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that eating fresh produce picked when ripe, whether it be from your farmers market or grown from your own garden, is the best way to eat food.  Period.  A tomato from the supermarket is picked L O N G  before it is ripe, packed up in a box and shipped hundreds of miles before it ever hits store shelves.  That’s not the way nature intended.fruit


Since going ‘un’processed I have rediscovered real food and how good it really tastes.  My recipe book (which has been compiled from magazines to clippings to my grandmothers own recipes)  has had a makeover and was condensed into one 3 ring binder.  It has only been since I read French Kids eat Everything by Karen Le Billon and French Women don’t get fat by Mirielle Guiliano that I started taking a look at not what we were eating, but when we were eating it.

We were eating everything all year round with no sense of what was in season and what wasn’t.  True, we were eating unprocessed, real foods, but it could have been better.  So my one 3 ring binder of a recipe book is now having it’s second makeover and having babies ~ winter, spring, summer and fall recipes.  All made with fresh farm produce (NOT from a supermarket).  This is a work in progress but it’s coming along faster than I had anticipated.

I use this seasonal guide to help us make choices.  It is printed and put on my fridge so the kids can help when making choices.  It doesn’t cover EVERY fruit and vegetable available, but it’s a good place to start.  Again, there is a crossover between seasons as the fruits and vegetables make their debuts and departures, and also this can vary depending on where you live.  🙂

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