Where are GMOs hiding?

GMOs (or genetically modified foods) are in almost every processed food made.  And chances are if you are eating store bought, packaged foods then you are eating them at almost every meal.

I did a blog on where to find GMOs in food but even after I posted it, I was still a little confused.   If the product you are buying has soy or sugar beets than chances are it’s been modified.

But how did I know that when looking at the label?
How did I know it was made from soy ??
Or if it was made from cotton???
Or what all these words meant?

Well I came across this wonderful list from www.nongmojournal.com that breaks it down even further!  It’s hard to know how many products contain soy or canola or sugar beets so this came in really handy for me and I actually posted this list on my fridge!

If you are a family trying to avoid GMOs this list is invaluable!  There are things on here that I just never expected even at this stage of my research and I live, breathe and eat this now!  I highlighted some of the more common words so they stand out, I hope this helps!


Aspartame (Also Called Nutrasweet & Equal)
Baking Powder
▪ Canola Oil (Rapeseed Oil)
▪ Caramel Color
Citric Acid
▪ Cobalamin (Vitamin B12)
▪ Colorose
Condensed Milk
Confectioners Sugar
Corn Flour
▪ Corn Masa
Corn Meal
Corn Oil
Corn Sugar
Corn Syrup
▪ Cottonseed Oil
▪ Cyclodextrin
▪ Cystein
▪ Dextrin
▪ Diacetyl
▪ Diglyceride
▪ Erythritol
Food Starch
Fructose (Any Form)
▪ Glutamic Acid
▪ Glycerides
▪ Glycerol Monooleate
▪ Glycine
▪ Hemicellulose
High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
▪ Hydrogenated Starch
▪ Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein
▪ Inositol
▪ Inverse Syrup
▪ Inversol
▪ Invert Sugar
▪ Isoflavones
▪ Lactic Acid
▪ Leucine
▪ Lysine
▪ Malt
Malt Syrup
▪ Malt Extract
▪ Mannitol
▪ Methylcellulose
▪ Milk Powder
▪ Milo Starch
▪ Modified Food Starch
▪ Modified Starch
▪ Mono And Diglycerides
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
▪ Oleic Acid
▪ Phenylalanine
▪ Phytic Acid
▪ Protein Isolate
▪ Shoyu
▪ Soy Flour
▪ Soy Isolates
▪ Soy Lecithin
▪ Soy Milk
▪ Soy Oil
▪ Soy Protein
▪ Soy Protein Isolate
▪ Soy Sauce
▪ Starch
▪ Stearic Acid
▪ Sugar (Unless Specified As Cane Sugar)
▪ Tamari
▪ Tempeh
▪ Teriyaki Marinades
▪ Textured Vegetable Protein
▪ Threonine
▪ Tocopherols (Vitamin E)
▪ Tofu
▪ Trehalose
▪ Triglyceride
▪ Vegetable Fat
Vegetable Oil
▪ Vitamin B12
▪ Vitamin E
▪ Whey
Whey Powder
Xanthan Gum

SERIOUSLY!!!  That’s a LONG list !!!

I’m not trying to scare anyone and I know a small amount of GMOs probably won’t kill you.  The problem, however, is as you can plainly see, just how MANY products have been genetically modified.

It’s not a stretch to say families are eating GMOs at every single meal, every single day.

How can we not be?

The more raw, plant based foods we choose to eat CAN and DOES make a difference!!!

spinach salad

RESOURCE:  Nongmojournal.com

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