Creamy Lemon Chicken Piccata

This chicken piccata recipe is a great weeknight go to! Perfectly cooked chicken in a creamy lemon sauce that is on the table in 30 minutes! Serve with your favorite pasta, noodles or rice, a veggie and salad.




  1. Begin by slicing the chicken breasts in half if they are thick. Place each piece between wax paper and pound so they are thin and even
  2. Season each breast with salt and pepper
  3. Heat the oil in a large pan over med/high heat and add the butter. Once the butter is sizzling, add a few chicken breasts to the pan – be careful not to overcrowd the pan
  4. Cook until they are no longer pink in the middle (depending on thickness this could take between 4-6 min)
  5. Remove the chicken to a plate, continue until all chicken is cooked
  6. Turn the heat to medium/low. Carefully add the broth to the pan and scrape up any bits left. Add the juice from the lemons, heavy cream and capers. It should quickly come to a boil, turn the heat down and let it simmer for a few minutes
  7. Return the chicken to the pan and heat through for 2 minutes
  8. Serve over pasta, noodles or rice