These are the actual appliances I use everyday in my kitchen.  I’m sure there is bigger, faster, more expensive versions but I cannot attest to them because I do not use them.  I can only share with you the appliances that I use and cannot live without!

And here they are ….

NutriBulletImmersion BlenderBlender

Food ProcessorJuicerCrockpot

Kitchen AidIce Cream MakerWaffle Maker

Panini MakerPopcorn MakerLarge Food Saver

Foodsaver BagsHandheld FoodsaverHandheld Foodsaver Bags

Toaster Oven

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  1. jkweigle says:

    What is your experience with an Instant Pot?

    • none LOL ! I have no experience with pressure cookers, rice cookers of any kind. Maybe I’ll experiment this winter. Thanks for the idea.

      • You should try making your broth in an electric PC, it’s a huge time saver. Hi, just found your site and like what I see so far. Thanks!

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