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There were 2 books in particular that started me on this journey.  The first one was by Michael Pollen and his very candid, insightful and truthful unvailing of what is in our food supply and how we got to this point.

The second was French Kids Eat Everything.  Again, another eye opener as to the way we ‘teach’ our children about food and how to eat.  We view eating as an annoyance in America rather than a time to be slowed down and enjoyed with those we love.   The French really do know how to make great food!

I read those books in 2012 and decided to make some changes, well, A LOT of changes to our diet.

However, the books that really shook me to the core where Forks Over Knives, The China Study by T. Collin Campell and Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Cadwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.

Moving from the Standard American Diet (SAD, funny huh?) to a whole plant based diet isn’t easy and it isn’t for everyone.  It took me (personally) years to even grasp a whole foods plant based diet.  My family (husband and kids) are not on the same playing field as I am, however they have made SIGNIFICANT strides to eliminate processed foods from their diet.

I adopted the change to plant based in April 2015 so MOST of the recipes you will find on this site still contain dairy, meat and seafood so don’t be confused if I call myself plant based and you find a contrast of recipes.

But nonetheless, here are some of the books I’ve found life changing in my journey.

French Kids Eat EverythingFrench Women Don't Get FatFood Revolution

Forks Over KnivesPrevent & Reverse Heart DiseaseThe Omnivore's Dilemma

FoolproofMastering the Art of French CookingThe Kind Diet

The Joy of CookingAround My French Table5 in 5
The China Study

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