These are some of the gadgets I have hanging around the kitchen.  I’ll continue to update this page as I try new things (which I LOVE doing!)

As far as knives go, I’ve gotten mine from various places through the years and Amazon doesn’t carry them.  Listed below is a knife set that I use for various purposes such as paring, or a tomato knife, etc.

But as far as chef knives go, I would do a little research and purchase the best knives you can afford to.

Another note on knives … after you make your investment you want to protect it.  Make sure you knife comes with a sleeve or protector and store it in there at all times.  Also try not to use plastic cutting boards as they will dull your knife and we all know a dull knife is a very dangerous thing.

The cutting board below is not the exact one I have, however this maple board is a nice one that I would purchase.

Miso Sprayer
Salad Dressing BottleOxo Containers

Quick Read ThermometerLeave in Meat ThermometerPotato Masher

RamekinsGlass Bowl Setcustard cups

Silicone Popsicle MoldsGraterZester
Lemon Juicer
Kitchen KnivesMaple Cutting Board

Stainless Steel StrawsBPA Free Camelback Waterbottle

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