Chicken Francese

This classic Italian-American dish is one of the simplest yet most rewarding in flavor.  Thinly sliced chicken breasts are floured and dipped in egg before being sautéed with a lemon-butter and white wine sauce. Chicken Francese is something I grew up eating a lot in New York. It is on every Italian menu across the […]

It’s Here! Our 1st Ebook!

I’m soooo happy to announce the creation of our very first EBook ! We wanted to start our EBook series with our most popular recipes and put them in one easy book for you to download to your computer or print out at home. These recipes were carefully selected based on 3 factors: They’ve each […]

How to Start Your Own Blog

MY STORY Wow!  I can’t believe I’m sitting here about to teach others how to start a food blog.  It’s kind of surreal!! I remember my very first month of blogging and literally RUNNING down the stairs each morning to check my stats.  I was over the MOON when I saw my very first month […]

Freezer Recipe Labels

As our lives got busier and we were eating less processed foods I had to find a way to make things a little easier on myself.  I will be the first to tell you that in order to avoid processed foods, you have to plan ahead. For me that sometimes means doubling my recipe that […]

MOMables Review and Giveaway !!!!

I always say when it comes to eating an unprocessed, real food diet, planning is key.   As long as I am on top of things and constantly making something then we’re good. As most of you already know, I pack our kids lunches everyday for school (and my husbands too).  And to be perfectly honest, I […]

Food Dyes

Food dyes … artificial food coloring.  It’s in more that just birthday cake these days. Artificial dyes are showing up in alarming numbers in our food supply!  They are derived from petroleum.  Ahem … did you hear me?  Pet ro le um … yes the same petroleum that’s in our cars.  Processed birthday cake is […]

Understanding Labels ~ Regular chips vs Baked

I see a lot of people in the supermarket choosing the baked chips over the regular kind.  And I have to admit I was one of those people.  I thought if it was baked it has to be better than fried, right?  Well unfortunately neither of them are good for you, but the baked version […]