5 Delicious Fall Soup Recipes

Fall Soup Recipes

There’s a chill in the air ….

there’s the smell of football ….

schools are back in session …

which can only mean one thing ….



Here are 5 of my all time favorite soup recipes to get Fall Fever going!

1.  Tortilla Soup – my son got me addicted to this soup at a restaurant called Max and Erma’s.  And I have really played around with this soup more than any other one because my son really loves it that much.  I originally used Velvetta when I tried to duplicate it.  I know!  ewwww …. so it’s taken me some time to get that cheesy taste and thickness.  It’s not exactly the same, but pretty damn close!  It’s a chicken broth base, has oodles of cheese and shredded chicken along with some Mexican spices to give it some kick!

2.  French Onion – WHO doesn’t love French Onion Soup?  Speak now or forever …. oh sorry!  My secret wish is one day my kids will like this.  I know it’s a LONG way off, but one day we will all sit down and bask in this glorious deeply caramelized onion soup ladled with gooey cheese and bread.  It is heaven in a bowl ~ trust me on this one!

3.  Cream of Mushroom Soup – I have always loved cream of mushroom soup and was very disappointed when I had to stop buying the Cream of Chemical Crap.  This recipe is so easy to make, and to be honest, sooooo much better.  I will make a slight confession.  I may have eaten the whole batch when I made it.  I said MAY HAVE.

4.  Minestrone – ahhh… Minestrone Soup. What can I say?  This is my all time favorite soup now.  It has a tomato and broth base with everything from onions, celery, beans, zucchini, carrots, spinach in it.  You name it ~ it’s in there!  Then it’s poured over some small pasta shells and the topper is the parmesan cheese.  ooooohhhhh the saltiness of the cheese just pushes this over the moon baby!

5.  Hamburger Soup – this is probably the oldest soup recipe I have and I haven’t changed a thing!  Some things are just perfect the way they are and this soup is it!  And for those of you (who I HOPE aren’t) on WW, a cup of this soup is only 1 point, maybe 2 tops!

There you have it folks!  Thursday night is Soup and Salad night in our house now that Fall is here and these soups will certainly be making the rotation!

Want more soup ideas?  Check out my Pinterest Soup board for more inspiration!

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