Welcome to Week 6!

Last weeks challenge was to start replacing your non fat and low fat foods with their whole counterparts, as well as to start introducing whole wheat flours.

Just as it was an adjustment for  me to from whole milk to 1% milk, the same will hold true going the other way.  We didn’t go from whole full milk to 1% overnight.  Even getting down to 2% was a leap.  But it’s done gradually and eventually you do get used to it.

As I said in Week 5’s challenge, I rode the non fat ban wagon for many many years along with many of you, only to discover it wasn’t healthy and my weight went UP not down (as was promised by the marketing geniuses).  I began reading about the importance of fats and when they are taken OUT, something else has to go IN, usually preservatives and chemicals.

It may take some time replacing what is in your fridge now and some adjustment, but I truly believe whole foods, unaltered, in their true form are best.  The chemicals and preservatives that are being ADDED to these low fat foods are truly toxic for the human body.

Fats have been given a bad rap, especially eggs.  Between the years of 1910-1970 animal fat in the American diet decreased from 83 – 62%.  However, during the same time frame vegetable oils, such as margarine and refined oils increased 400% !!!  [source: Mary G. Enig, PhD.]

Which brings me right into this weeks challenge.


This weeks Challenge is to:

  • Cut out all refined oils

I am asking you to get rid of processed fats in your pantry and fridge and replace them with good QUALITY olive oils, butter, and coconut oils.  Here are some things to avoid and look for when it comes to oils:


  • Canola oil
  • Vegetable oil
  • Soybean
  • Safflower
  • Corn oils
  • Margarine (or any other ‘buttery’ spread)
  • Hydrogenated oils (Crisco)

For a more detailed explanation into refined oils and why you should avoid them, please see my post Why you should never eat refined oils.  In summary, these oils have been refined with harsh chemicals like Hexane.  They are bleached.  They are deodorized.  They are garbage.  They are toxic for your body and should be avoided and thrown in the garbage.


  • Olive Oils
  • Butter
  • Coconut Oil


  • Find oil that specifically says “Extra Virgin” on it and it’s even better if it says “cold pressed”  This means no heat was applied during the crushing process.
  • Look for oil in dark green bottles.  Exposure to light can cause rancidity.
  • Avoid “light” oils.  This has nothing to do with calories.  This means the oil was refined and chemically treated to minimize strong smells, and produce an even product.
  • Do not store your oil above the stove.  Put it in a cool dark place, such as your pantry.

I have never used oils like Wesson Veg oil or Canola oils to cook.  I never liked them (thank goodness!!).  But I was using an olive oil I thought was good.  It was from Berio (which most supermarkets carry)evooCome to find out just recently through my reading and researching that it had the words “light” on it.  And just like many of you, I thought it meant light in calories.  Very sneaky and underhanded these marketing companies are.  Here I am thinking I’m doing ok with EVOO and it’s just as refined as Canola oil is !!!!!!

Since I learned that I threw out what was left and went to a place in my downtown area that sells just olive oil.  022

I’d seen it for a while and just never found the time to go in.   I learned more in those 30 minutes about olive oil and how it’s produced than I thought was possible.

I started with the Herbs de Provence.  I don’t know if they deliver or not, but the oil is just superb!  I will NEVER go back to store bought olive oils.

The flavor that comes from this bottle is something I never knew existed.  I encourage you to get rid of the highly processed oils and margarines and learn about olive oils and try some.

You will never go back.

Good luck!

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  1. lorraine silva says:

    Thought you might want to know but your link labeled website does not take you to where you would expect.
    (Under week 6 of challenge, and towards bottom regarding oils).

    • thank you Lorraine. I’m not sure what happened so I just deleted the link. I’ll have to go there personally and see if they took the website down. Thanks for the catch, I really appreciate it. 😀

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